And So It Begins

                Orientation began this morning and it brought a ton of overwhelming feelings. I started by arriving and getting a tour of the school. I will post pictures later this week don’t fret! It is a beautiful area. La Universidad is the main campus and Instituo (where I am at) and Cardinal (the Spanish speaking high school) are on the campus to the right of it. The students from Cardinal are on the Honduran school year so they go from February to November. Well I met all the few teachers I had not met last Friday and we all settle and chatted for a bit. We then began with a meeting about school basics, dress code, all of that. We then were sent to set up our guide classrooms (this is similar to homeroom). Erin and I actually share the 7th grade classroom for this so we began to make posters! Tomorrow we will continue but I think that’s all the time we have for that. After lunch we received our schedule and books and had a short disciplinary seminar. The rest of this week we were told we will be having seminars in Spanish so I’m hoping I learn lots through this. We also received templates of what our lesson planning should look like.  We had about an hour left to continue decorating before it was time to go home.

                One home I had about a hour to relax and catch up with everyone. I first read for about 20 minutes and then the girls from Santa Clara got home and we ended up catching up and learning about each other’s day. It was then off to mass for the feast day of Santa Clara and a small prayer service for Padre Ricardo who is the founder of this organization but a few weeks ago was flown to Boston for medical reasons. After mass we were given our stipend to get started here in Honduras. We wanted to do a big grocery shopping trip but los supermercados y tiendas were about to close so we just did a quick run in to get us through tomorrow and Wednesday. It was already 6:45 when we got done with all of this and none of us were in the mood to cook so we went to Raul’s for dinner. I had my first gringa there – this is a tortilla filled with avocado, pico, chicken, and egg. It was good but I think I like other things better. The egg for some reason tasted sweet to me; I think it may have been all the ingredients together.  Anyways many of us were tired and ready to plan/get ready for bed. Once home I made lunch for tomorrow. It was funny because Paige and Kerry also were making lunch for tomorrow. We all ended up making peanut butter, banana, and honey sandwiches for tomorrow. I have a really good feeling about our kitchen and I feel like we’ll all cook and share meals together which I’m excited for! After this it was time to shower and plan. Well I was so tired I didn’t really plan. I’m hoping to get up earlier to have a look through the books. Since I know what to expect tomorrow during the day I’m hoping tomorrow afternoon/night I will spend time planning and getting an idea of how I want the year to go. My brain is just to fried right now to actually do work. Great start right?